Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Hey Lovelies!!

I just want to wish y'all a beautiful and safe Happy 4th of July!!

I hope it's a blessed day for everyone!

If you are in the mood for some quick Holiday Reading....I've listed two books with a 4th of July theme that you may enjoy!

Take it easy lovelies!

As always....

Stay Blessed....Stay Tuned

A little romance from my fellow author friend, T.J. Honey:

A 4th of July to Remember. Book One (A 4th of July to Remember, Maddie and Ronnie)

Maddie is visiting her aunt for the 4th of July celebration in Kennewick, Washington. A freak accident at the party throws her into the arms of a boy who seven years before tried to seduce her in her aunt's boathouse on the river. She discovers a whole new set of Fireworks exploding in her world along with more questions than answers. Is Ronnie the soft spoken boy he appears to be now, or is there still a bad boy lurking behind his gentle manner? What is her best friend Laura’s secret? Will she ever feel safe? 

A romance with steamy sexual content. No BDSM or violence.

Here's another romance book by Margaret Lake:

Fireworks (Twelve Months of Romance - July)

(sequel to April Showers and May Flowers)

Every year, Connie takes two weeks off from work, hoping to find adventure or at least something she’s good at. She’s tried skiing, she’s tried sailboarding, she’s even tried white-water rafting and all she’s succeeded in doing was making a fool of herself. Now she hopes she’ll find what she’s been looking for at the dude ranch. But when she gets off the plane, she finds the man who’s been stalking her at home is headed for the same ranch.

Barry was just as shocked to see Connie as she was to see him. In fact, he was hoping this trip would help him forget that the woman he loved couldn’t stand the sight of him. Now she was here, at the ranch he’d called his second home since he was a kid, breaking his heart all over again.

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